Friday, November 8, 2019

The Rise of Asian Rap Culture with Rich Brian, 88rising, and $tupid Young

Second Win

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Artist: Second Win
Title: Apathy
Genre: Heavy / Rock
Label: Indie

Wind has had a take-no-prisoners approach to music since the beginning. While their hook- and riff-driven songwriting forms their sonic foundation, Second Wind's mission goes far deeper than their catchy tunes. Lyrics in each song are carefully-crafted journeys of self-reflection, appreciation for the blessings of life, questions about painful problems, and struggles with today's moral issues. Second Wind is ready to carry the torch into deeper transparency within this genre.

Watch for Second Wind's debut EP, “Indispensable”, in spring 2020.

Released October 2019

All vocals performed by Dane Pope. Guitars and bass written, performed, and recorded by Kevin Kerestes. Lyrics written by Dane Pope and Brad Johnson. All drums and percussion written, performed, and recorded by Brad Johnson. Tracked, mixed, and mastered by Scott Creekmore of Mercenary Digital Studios.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Vince Ippolito

By RJ Lannan:
Vince Ippolito’s music brings to mind the sunny beaches by day and the Tiki torch lit nights of a paradise we all search for. If you’re thinking of a tropical excursion, then take along this music. It’s an ideal companion. – R J Lannan, Artisan Music Reviews
I am glad to share with you my new very short review about the single "I.V." by Vince Ippolito. Here it is:
Vince Ippolito
(c) (p) 2019 Vince Ippolito
You will easily achieve calm and quiet state of your mind while hear the new single “I.V.” by Vince Ippolito. The artist created his release in genre of easy listening music with a delicate flavor of latin jazz. This composition has a very smooth and gentle sound. I can recommend you to enjoy the single “I.V.” in the end of hard and hectic day for relaxation or just for your listening pleasure.
Serge Kozlovsky

Vince Ippolito grew up in Chicago has been in the recording industry for over 50 years. He started playing drums at the age of eleven. In 1967 he formed and led the band "Purple Cucumber" which became "PC Limited", then "Happy Day". By the age of seventeen he was playing on Rush street in Chicago and in clubs and concerts throughout the midwest. At the age of eighteen he signed his first recording contract with Mercury/Smash Records. As his career progressed his band signed with UNI/MCA Records and Elektra Records through out the years. He and his band performed with groups such as ABC News anchor Joel Daly & The Sundowners, Chicago, Ray Stevens, Roy Clark, Bob Seeger, Janis Joplin, Bobby Sherman, Chuck Berry, Paul Revere & The Raiders, Charlie Rich, The Kingston Trio, Styx, Bobby Sherman, The Bellamy Brothers and Ronnie Milsap to name a few.

In 1970 he ventured out into producing commercials for Radio and T.V. with Bruce Bendinger and Roger Pauly. Since then he co- produced and played drums on T.V. and Radio commercials for The Chicago Transit Authority, Blue Cheer,7up,Uncle Bens Rice, Oldsmobile, Nova Celluar, Popeyes Chicken, (with Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis, & Dr. John, and the Neville Bros.), Archway Cookies, Kraft Co., Ferrara Pan Candy (Chgo, Black Hawks),Tom Dreesen & Tim Reid, Leonas Restaurants, Consumer Electronics Show, Chicago Bulls, Betty Crocker, Bisquick, WHAS Radio & T.V., Eddy Schwartz Theme song for WGN radio, out takes for Wally Philips radio show WGN, Dick Biondi (Hall of Fame), NFL Films Chicago Bears "Monsters of The Midway" (on YouTube)

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Andy Michaels

After receiving 5 star reviews around the world with the ground breaking “Revisited”, Andy Michaels returns with a vengeance to deliver another powerful, deep, and melodic album ‘Incendiary Heart’. The 14 track adult contemporary/pop album features thought-provoking lyricism with a musically nostalgic feel of the 70s and 80s. Moreover, the arrangements of the tracks deliver a contemporary modern style of country, rock and pop. Andy Michaels enlisted Tiarna Madison, Kerry Ironside, Carolyn Thomas, and Sharon Court as collaborators for this uplifting album.

This album contains every element to resonate and be a “must have” with any music aficionado. From memorable guitar riffs to spell bounding arrangements and visionary lyrics, coupled with Andy’s unique soothing voice, ‘Incendiary Heart’ has it all. Undoubtedly, this eclectic album will take the listener into another musical journey filled with deep and soul lifting emotions.

Incendiary Heart Reviews

“Incendiary Heart is a beautifully-produced work of love, and it’s an album that will cut straight to the listener’s heart as Andy Michaels is clearly singing from his own.”

“Incendiary Heart is a myriad of genres, instruments and vocal resurgence. Andy Michaels does not just sing; he speaks poetry, which has become a lost art in today’s age of EDM and pop music. 10/10 ”

An eclectic collection of styles and sounds that will steal your heart. Uplifting melodies and lyrics that speak to the soul, Incendiary Heart is a landmark record that will have you coming back for more”

 “Electric, eclectic, and haunting  - Andy Michaels returns with powerful and emotionally searing album 'Incendiary Heart' “Incendiary Heart is a spark within a myriad of Top 40 fare. Long after the record has stopped, lingers an intense emotional response.  Incendiary Heart is definitely a searing work. Outstanding in every way, Michaels is at the peak of his game”

 A potent potion of highly infectious tunes – One helluva listening experience. Masterfully crafted with so much love you feel it pouring out of the speakers.”   

Saturday, September 28, 2019

This Week on Bandcamp Daily - African Country & Western Music

This Week on Bandcamp Daily
A Guide to African Country
Initially a byproduct of colonialism, American country and western began to blend with numerous kinds of regional African music by the early 1950s.
Bandcamp Weekly

The “High Priestess of Psychedelic Arabic jazz,” Radiohead collaborator Yazz Ahmed drops by the Bandcamp Weekly to chat about her new LP.


Friday, September 27, 2019

“Party” ft. A Boogie Wit da Hoodie (Official Music Video) by Paulo Londra

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“Party” ft. A Boogie Wit da Hoodie (Official Music Video)
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