Thursday, January 3, 2019

Stephen Wrench

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Wrench, Blair / BMI

Rainbows are magical colors of light that just appear. The sun hits them and then they dissappear. But they are always there and always return. Thats what this song is about. A magical feeling ,a moment that takes you away. A feeling that will never go away.  I thank my co-writer Michell LeBlanc Blair for helping me with the lyrics. 


     I have had the pleasure and sometimes the pain of working with many notable artists and groups.  I have worked with some of the most creative artists on the planet of which I am honored. It’s hard to remember them all. Here is a partial list of the artists groups I have worked with in some capacity whether it was as a former member, performer, producer or manager:

Lynyrd Skynyrd, Toto, Loverboy, Missing Persons, Duran Duran, Eddie and the Cruisers, Dr. Hook, Atlanta Rhythm Section, Bad Company, Tommy Tutone, Survivor,  Rick Springfield, John Anderson, David Allen Coe, Molly Hatchet, Blackfoot, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Ryan Starr, The Flamingos, Sister Hazel, Blessid Union of Souls, Craig Campbell, Grand Funk Railroad, ABBA,Lonestar, and many others.

But my true love is creating music that makes the listener feel. I hope you feel this song 

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Sunday, December 16, 2018


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** 1. Dolly Parton - Girl In The Movies
2.  Bruno Mars ft. Cardi B - Finese
3.  Eileen Carey - That Town
4.  Greta Van Fleet - When The Curtain Fails
5.  Jason Isabel - Cumberland Gap
6.  Sinima Beats - Love Meh
7.  Daina Shukis - Cruise Control
8.  Coco Radar - Bambari
9.  Dale Duncan/Johanna Hermara - Miracle Girl
10. Cousin John Band - Broken Heart Tatoo
** FLASHBACK KDTN RADIO ONE - Chloe Charles - Black And White
** FLASHBACK SDC RADIO ONE - Dido - Here With Me (Roswell)

** 11.  Lese Majesty - Age Of Outrage
12.  Victoria Kimani - High Calibre
13.  Mankind's Remedy - Don't Forget Me
14.  Katie Belle - Down For Me
15.  Black Hawk - Freedom
16.  DUB FX - Shine Like A Star
17.  Abigail Rockwell - Summer Me
18.  Ny'a - You Don't Really Love Me
19.  Issac Sisters - The Way We Feel
20.  Ron Thompson - Our Time Finally Came
** FLASHBACK - Abby Wren - Slithery
** FLASHBACK - Amy Barbera - Paint Me A Rainbow

** 21. Chris Jasper - Show Somebody  Love
22. Willie J - Sunshine With The Rain
23. Daisy Hicks - I Chose You
24. The Ault Sisters - Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
25. Shaq:Muzik - Let Me In Your Heart Again
26. Yuval Bless - We're Living In A Dream World
27. Krist Van D - I Need Love
28. Chuck Eaton - I Saved A Place For You
29. Justin Smith - Pain
30. Katrina Bishop - Invisible
** ADD - G-Easy - Ladykillers
** ADD - Chloe Watkinson - Crystal Pistol

** 31. Caz Gardiner - Never Gonna Let
32. Cale - Good Day
33. Julian Taylor Band - Glass House
34. Bully - Feel The Same
35. Lonnie Leibowitz - Love Is Everything
36. Dawg Gone Davis - Middle Aged Woman
37. Lost Like Alice - Crooked Lines
38. Bill King - Desert Orchid
39. David Bray - Crowded Isolation
40. David Leask-Red Balloon Out
** ADD - The C R Ecker Band - Emma Jean
** ADD - CAP - Big Screen

** 41.  C. C. Grace - Sister Golden Hair
42.  Maura Shaftoe - Make Me A Memory
43.  Richie Phoe - World Corruption
44.  Paul Vens & Friends - Till The Day
45.  Steve D-Angelo - The Man Who Danced Sideways
46.  Marcy Requist - If These Walls Could Speak
47.  iLLacrimo - Love Trapped In A Stone
48.  Kate Ellis - I Believe
49.  Marc White - Rise
50.  Nathan King - Movin' On
**   ADD - I'll Be Home For The Holidays - Black Ice
**   ADD - San Francisco Moto - ThrillKiller

Monday, December 10, 2018

John Dusenberry

I was born in New York City and raised in Huntington Station on the north shore of Long Island. I began my musical life as a trombone player in the award-winning Walt Whitman high school jazz band led by pioneer jazz educator Clem DeRosa. Highlights include broadcasting on Voice of America, playing at Leonard Bernstein’s home in Fairfield Connecticut, appearances on national television, and performing with guest soloists such as Phil Woods, Urbie Green, and Marion McPartland.

After graduating from Lehigh University, I studied trombone at the Navy School of Music with trombone virtuoso Tom Ervin; and after leaving the Navy I studied with Ned Meredith of the San Francisco Symphony. A growing interest in composition led me to study counterpoint privately with Will Johnson (Princeton, Cal Berkeley); and after settling in the Los Angeles area, music composition with Morten Lauridsen, Robert Linn, James Hopkins, and Anthony Vazzana at USC, and film scoring with Don Ray at UCLA.

Shortly after this composition training, I wrote a song that was performed by a singer/guitar player who had worked a great deal in Las Vegas.  Hearing him sing it opened a new area I hadn’t thought of – songwriting. Since then I’ve been writing both songs and instrumental music evenings and weekends while working in the computer and computer game field.

The very positive response to my songs, as well as to my instrumental music, has been rewarding and encouraging. So, I continue to write.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Uptowns Finest #411 By Uptowns Finest

New show by Uptowns Finest

Uptowns Finest #411

Wir knallen Folge 411 in die "Gifting Season" rein wie ein Mariah Carey Weihnachtsalbum. Big K.R.I.T. huldigen wir mit dem Song der Sendung und im Hip Hop Quiz erfahrt ihr mit wem 6ix9ine (nach aktuellem Stand) keinen Beef hat. Unsere Songauswahl geht dabei so tief in die Metaebene, dass sich Generationen von Wissenschaftlern daran abarbeiten werden. Außerdem geht's um Telefonate mit Will Smith, Inspiration von Massiv, das Diplomats Comeback und AK Ausserkontrolle stellt euch seinen persönlichen Klassiker von Tech N9ne vor, den er das erste Mal im Knast gehört hat.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Lee Desty

It took English singer-songwriter Lee Desty just two attempts to win his first major American songwriting contest with his distinctively commercial folk-pop delivered via his "stunning" fingerstyle guitar playing. 

His first attempt - the lively uptempo Completely Yours - got to the final of the Hollywood Song Contest - but this year "Always Reminders", his beautifully melodic song about a family photo album, won the highly competitive folk section of that contest. Another of his songs got to the semi-finals of the 2017 UK Songwriting Contest.

A former BBC TV News journalist and programme Editor, Lee started out his musical journey playing Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young, Cat Stevens and Simon and Garfunkel hits in the 1970s.

He didn't embark on serious songwriting until the last decade. Since then he's recorded two albums of his original songs won over hundreds of fans to his high-quality music - mostly in the USA and Canada.

"It's great hearing feedback from individual fans in the States and getting recognition from music industry professionals about my songs. These days I spend a lot of time listening to Indie folk and modern country and some of that is shaping how I write new songs. 

"I always strive to make my songs reach out and be accessible to others and I'm hoping I can win over some more new fans in the next 12 months," added Lee